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Thursday, May 19, 2011

"The not so smart ANDROID"

Android OS an open source OS which has currently become a frenzy in the world. This OS releases so many versions that before even a phone is able to capture the market, another version of Android is announced. I think there are more versions of this OS than the mobiles.The Android OS is a free and open source OS currently under the Ownership of GOOGLE INC. It is the world's best selling OS for the smartphones. The biggest positive to Android for me is its apps market run by google, though many third party sites also offer many apps. There are currently over 200,000 apps available for the Android. Also worth mentioning is the variety of phones it is available on. According to google there are 3,00,000 Android phones activated on a daily basis. But Android too has its own problems.

  • Gaming: The best thing to do in a smartphone for me. Since this is my best pass time , android is thus not a favourite of mine. For the first thing the Android platform has just started to capture the attention of game developers. This is probably due the non-standardised hardware,game developers find it difficult to make the game run on every phone. Also too many screen resolutions make it tough for the developers. Due to this very reason some apps end up looking weird on some devices. 
  • Manufacturer Customisation:  Google allows handset makers to add their customisations over the OS. Almost every manufacturer is doing this. Though this makes the phone look more trendy and fashionable and like a trademark for some companies. But in most cases this affects the performance and battery life also. Softwares tend to crash, memory usage goes up and battery consumption too rises.
  • Poor Task Management: Android phones have never been good at handling apps which open in the background or just have not been closed properly. Lack of in-built task manager created a problem, though which can be easily solved by third party apps. However most users are not aware of this and end up sacrificing performance and battery life.
  • Bad Battery Life: The apps are to blame for this. They have a habit of being bullish when getting online updates.
  • Too many Android Versions: We still Android 1.6 on offer with the latest v2.3. Which phone has which version? Quite a lot to remember when buying a device, right? 

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